The Joy of Learning

Since 1971, Interlang has been offering exceptional Japanese lessons taught by top-notch instructors.

3-week Pre-departure lessons

🌟 What We Offer 🌟
  1. Comprehensive 3-week online course, tailored for travelers
  2. Live, interactive lessons with experienced, native Japanese instructors
  3. Practical vocabulary, key phrases, and essential travel tips
  4. Cultural insights to enhance your trip and help you blend in like a local
  5. Flexible class schedules to fit your busy lifestyle
  6. Access to our exclusive learning portal and resources


 Immerse Yourself in Japanese Culture

We believe that language and culture go hand in hand. Our course not only teaches you the language essentials but also provides insights into Japanese customs and traditions. You'll be equipped to explore Japan with confidence and ease!

💬 Speak Japanese with Confidence 💬 Our fun and engaging lessons focus on practical, real-world scenarios. Learn how to:
Order your favorite sushi 🍣
Ask for directions 🗺️
Navigate public transportation 🚆
Make small talk with locals 🗣️
Handle emergencies with ease ☎️
And much more!

Getting started is easy and straightforward:

1. Please proceed with the payment for the course.

2. Complete and submit the provided questionnaire form within the course details.

3. Our dedicated staff will reach out to you to schedule your sessions with your tutor.

4. Embark on your journey with our pre-departure Japanese lessons!

Why Interlang? 

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Expert Instructors / Interactive Lessons

Our experienced, native Japanese instructors are passionate about teaching and sharing their knowledge with you. Our live, interactive classes give you the opportunity to ask questions and interact with instructors.

Flexible Schedule

We understand everyone has different schedules. That's why we offer flexible class times to fit your needs.

What You'll Learn

Vocabulary / Culture / Travel Tips Learn key words and phrases essential for communication with Japanese locals. From ordering at a restaurant to asking directions, our course has got you covered. Get tips on how to navigate Japanese transportation, where to stay, and important safety guidelines for your travels. Our course will set you up for an unforgettable trip to Japan.